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they attack me
These dark rolling clouds
Swirling and shifting
Caught up in a whirlwind of emotions
Inside me
Burning like acid
Freezing like rain
Tainting what should be beautiful
Turning the sunshine dark
The flowers black
Love into hatred
Happiness into rage
All these demons are clawing me from the inside out
:iconella50-50:ella50-50 3 0
Say What You Will
If I was a vase
I'd stand on a broken table
But if you had a soul
It would be as black as night
You've made your choices
And I've made mine
I would be happier going down two
Because staying close
Makes it so much harder
To forget
Am I looking for your misery?
Or happiness?
Maybe I haven't decided
Whatever it is
I'm not satisfied yet
If I could live twice
I'd make better choices
But if you got a second chance
You'd break me all over again
:iconella50-50:ella50-50 2 9
The One
I love the way she smiles
And the way her eyes twinkle with mischief
As her happiness turns to laughter
And spreads through the room like wildfire
The very definition of stunning
A textbook example of gorgeous
The brightest point in the sunniest skies
And that look in her eyes
That shows me that everything is right with the world
Take my hand
And we'll make it
I swear

I love the way she reads
Accusing the wrong people in mysteries
Laughing out loud at the comics
Eyes skipping over the pages
Dancing through the words
And the voice of an angel
Whispering in the strings of my guitar
Truly a black beauty with a heart of gold
Darling close your eyes
I'm still here
I'll be here when you wake

The world will wait for us
:iconella50-50:ella50-50 3 1
For Us
So write me a love song
Carry me there
To the realm of your imagination
That I'll never understand
Sing me your feelings
Wrapped up in lines that rhyme
And tied up with a big bow
Of optimism
Save me a piece of your heart
Before you give yourself away
And I'll find a way to make it there
Before you fall
With this painted smile
The trademark of a broken heart
I'll laugh and dance in the sunlight
All for your runaway heart
:iconella50-50:ella50-50 1 0
Changes in the air
And so it begins again
Ring around the rosy
A merry go round of pain and suffering
A pocket full of posies
She'll take me for a spin, then run away like everyone else
Haunted by stories and past mistakes
She questions me
We all fall
But she doesn't listen
She gives up on me
:iconella50-50:ella50-50 1 2
Broken down the center
Two sides
Dark and light
Rough and sweet
Not total opposites
Definitely not allies
Never be
Sweetheart smiles
Devil's desires
Evil grins
Sweetest eyes
Heart of gold
Soul of fire
Never be
Desires of death
Cries of life
Flowers and sparkle
Chance and empty bottles
Never be
With myself
:iconella50-50:ella50-50 2 0
What are you?
Are you real?
You're a dream within a dream
I'm afraid touching you will make me wake up
You'll disappear
Reality is a harsh place
Too dark and dangerous for
Like yours
Are wishes long forgotten
Hopes the heart has
And desires too desperate to be
:iconella50-50:ella50-50 1 4
Heart of Gold
Waking up beside you
All my fears have run away
I curl my fingers in yours
And you laugh and tickle me
My soul sings for more
My heart stops
Your smile fills the room
Rainbows erupt before my eyes
As I'm filled with your beauty
I turn my eyes upward
And there you are
Filling my vision
Enveloping every sense
And I'm locked in your eyes
That could win wars
My arms wrap around your waist
My fingers electric
With the softness of your skin
And I giggle a schoolgirl's laugh
At the deep happiness I feel
My heavy lids blink once
And I fall back into the realm of sleep
My last conscious thoughts staying with
:iconella50-50:ella50-50 1 3
Fun of the Hunt
Catch and release
That's all you are
It's much crueler
To hunt
Wait for a bite on the line
And throw it back
You should have killed me
Not just broken me
:iconella50-50:ella50-50 1 0
Your Love Could Freeze Time
Can we be friends?
we're not friends. we'll never be friends
the electricity between us
the spark that ignites at a simple smile
that's what separates friends
from us
the world is dull
compared to how bright you
and leaving you was like waking up from a dream
that had only just begun
your laugh is sweeter than any music I've heard
and your smile releases a thousand butterflies
inside my heart
happiness is a heartbeat away
so come on
take a chance on me
we have all day
:iconella50-50:ella50-50 2 3
A Close Call
Ring ring
With every lost second
My heart pounds a little harder
My blood burns a little hotter
Ring ring
My tears strain against my lids
They push over the rims
Streaming freely
Ring ring
Waiting in utter silence
I hope for the slightest sound of care
The line stays quiet
Ring ring
My fingers fumble over the blade
Turning it over and over
My only tie to freedom
Ring ring
I try to be strong
For a promise long ago made
But it's so hard on my own
Ring ring
The silver shines
A little brighter
With every gaze
I'm sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please hang up, and try your call again.
The world has hung up on me
Screw promises
:iconella50-50:ella50-50 2 0
A Never Ending Life
Breaking hearts, cutting flesh
Knives sink deeper in my chest
Soft hands graze my cheek
Cover my mouth so I can't speak
Leave me so you can find your way
As you break my soul again today
:iconella50-50:ella50-50 0 0
Devil's Love
She'll run
Run to the farthest edges of the earth
And all he'll ever do is chase
Chase after her
He'll bandage all her wounds
Her sorrows
Her sadness
And she'll only break his heart
He let love guide him along
And love led him astray
He realises
But he doesn't understand
Destiny is so cruel
He's left to a cold and heartless love
A sick and twisted girl
In a ditch
He'll wake
Half buried in dirt
She'll smile her devil's smile
A crazed and sadistic bitch
The tears will come
The confusion will follow
Why can't he be happy?
Why must he suffer?
But still he'll run after her
Still he'll bandage her heart
But his shatters more
And there's no bandaids left
She'll be his favourite overdose
Right up until he's
:iconella50-50:ella50-50 1 0
Perfection and Beauty
Life is all I know
But do I know life?
Can one truly know life?
With all its mysteries and intrigue
With closed doors and locked cages
With enticing poisons and precious petals
The beauty
Of the shining lights of an ever surging city
Or the glowing mysticals of a city forever put to rest
The tragedy
Of a young bird's mangled body
Picturesque in the terribleness of the deed
A broken glass
Shining and twinkling silently along the stones
Waiting for an unknowing soul
To pierce themselves
And release beauty
The darkest corners
Holding the brightest lights
Stronger than flashes found in sunlight
Always somehow more beautiful
And yet always somehow more hideous
So terrible in its magic
And so heartbreaking in its truth
The mysteries and wonder and terror
The true beauty
Of our world
Of Life
:iconella50-50:ella50-50 1 2
Breaking Hearts
The sign boldly states
"The road breaks here"
As I found out long ago
Your choice is perfectly clear
So leave me to my death
I don't need your worthless pity
I'll run as far as possible
Maybe even to the city
I'll run from all these horrors
This life you've put me through
One day I'll be okay
But only far from you
I've tried everything
To give my hurt a voice
But loving you came naturally
My heart gave me no choice
I hate you oh so much
I'll never be back again
Being angry is just easier
Than having to feel pain
I run to different arms
A different love and a new home
I'm showered in care and sweetness
I'm finally not alone
You see...
You breathe life into a soul
I didn't know I had
And your love is absolutely perfect
Now if only you were Dad
:iconella50-50:ella50-50 0 1
I listened as he yelled
I waited for that chance to speak
My tears were just waiting in the wings
Ready to make an appearance
My mind was wandering
Away from the situation
Away from the pain
Away from all his anger
He directed everything at me
Because I was vulnerable enough to take it
But not strong enough to fight
Not against him
So I watched as he ran into the horizon
Cursing into the wind
My eyes find the setting sun
And my mind finally wanders back
Too late for my tears to be known
But just in time to think
Whose heart will I find refuge in
On the cold nights yours turns me away?
:iconella50-50:ella50-50 1 0


beside me.
I wish you were laying here beside me. . .  
Here to feel your warmth, here to give that soft comforting touch that only you can calm me with.
To hear your gentle heart beat from under your soft skin, I couldn't think of anything more soothing.
I want to get captured by your bright loving eyes and get lost in the thought of this moment lasting forever.
As I crave you to be so close, I lay here alone.
On a bed that feels too big, under sheets that seem so cold, heated by nothing more than a shell of a lovesick boy wanting to reconnect all the pieces of our devided hearts.
I wonder if you think of me too.
If you miss me.
If you want me there with you.
Past the tall wicked trees and  dark sidewalks,
through the veins of busy roads and under the dull amber street lights.
You're laying in bed sleeping soundly, peacefuly.
I think of you.
I Miss you.
I Want you here.
Though I'll be with you soon.
My eyes are getting heavy and my body is loosening.
Drifting into a sleep
:iconshark-bites:Shark-Bites 444 92
I believe by KeksAufRolln I believe :iconkeksaufrolln:KeksAufRolln 3 0 Are You A Dreamer Too? by kelsea-hagstrom Are You A Dreamer Too? :iconkelsea-hagstrom:kelsea-hagstrom 1 0 Notenschluessel by Czino Notenschluessel :iconczino:Czino 7,308 1,164
We all have them?
Don't they all seem odd though.
Everyone has their own unique one.
Whether it's a silly childhood secret of someone's crush,
or if it's something deeper.
With more meaning than a stupid, little crush.
Those secrets are the worst it seems.
They always haunt you.
And they'll always taunt you.
They whisper to you,
"Tell someone. Tell someone now."
Especially at night when it's quiet and you have time to think.
They tease you and persuade you.
But you still never tell.
"It's too important," you fight back in your head.
"It's too important," you whisper aloud, grasping at your broken heart.
You watch the weeks, months, and years pass by so fast.
But as the days come,
the future seems so slow.
You cry yourself to sleep.
And you stare out the window in pain,
telling yourself not to give up and that it'll be alright.
Music soothes you and you feel taken away.
The music holds you like you wish someone would do someday.
Your sigh fills the empty rooms in
:iconalicelovesches:AliceLovesChes 3 5
The American Dream?
Why is it not ok to dream?
Is it only cute until 17?
And with a coming of age it becomes
Laughable, punishable, irresponsible…
Now I'm full grown and must follow
The Path.
Don't you know?
The one we all must follow as all our dreams, goals, and fantasies are
funneled through to one narrow strand stretching and stretching out until finally you are left with nothing but the desire that has been beaten into your mind since you were past the age of dreaming and into the stage of getting.
Taking more and more,
doing everything we do for just one thing.
We work towards it, lose sleep for it, surrender everything that makes us pure and young and sweet for it.
But tell me.
Why can't dreams be the currency we seek?
Why do we struggle so much for something so corrupt. Something that does nothing, doesn't love, contribute, or comfort.
Why isn't success based on happiness or health or the little things?
Why did school have to change from playground to factory?
Pumping out the same corrupted b
:iconsam-hedge:sam-hedge 6 2
When the Party's Over by Kameolynn When the Party's Over :iconkameolynn:Kameolynn 394 56 The Lamb Who Loved The Lion. by babochkagirl The Lamb Who Loved The Lion. :iconbabochkagirl:babochkagirl 1 1
I can't explain it.
I just, wanted to hear her voice. She just seemed so perfect in my eyes.
I keep thinking I'll see her someday, maybe even meet her in some weird way.
Maybe we'd get along. Maybe we'd clash because we're so alike. Who knows, who really knows?
I dunno, she's like a twin. Like as if I'd met her in another life.
I'm drawn to her like a magnet...
I must stop looking at her photographs.
:iconbabochkagirl:babochkagirl 1 0
when im with you
Slowly, I peeled my skin back so that I might feel
the way you do when you're with me.
And so I say, "I'm sorry," but I'm not.
But you will be. But I really am. Or something like that.
All I know is that I feel like a gun in your hands and
you've got your finger on the trigger like you're gonna shoot yourself.
Can we switch minds for a minute?
I used to see the world in your eyes.
Now I just see your eyes.
I lost my mind in your moods. It was all I had left.
Because I lost my heart years ago to a man in Scotland.
No, we can't switch for a minute.
You wouldn't survive inside me.
And so I say, "I'm sorry" for everything I've never said
except in poetry that you're too afraid to read.
One by one, you pulled my fingers out of their sockets
so that you might feel the way I do when I'm with you.
:iconkilcillian:KilCillian 3 0
A Perfect Moment
She whispers "Stay strong"
And for one perfect moment
I forget she's dead
:icontheblackwolfboy:TheBlackWolfBoy 18 22
If I Am Dreaming
If I am dreaming
then let me sleep forever
let me bask in this glory
and be warm in your arms
this feels too good to be true
but I know you are flesh and blood
so if I am dreaming
never wake me up
riding on the wings of love
hold on tight
just another night to go
dreaming these dreams
feels so real
please don't disappear
in a puff of smoke
please be real
my heart yearns for you
my heart burns for you
is it asking too much
that you are flesh and blood
and if I am dreaming
please don't let me wake up
my head is spinning
my feet don't touch the floor
let me keep dreaming
if this is just a dream
but I hope and pray
that this is real
with each passing day
you are in my heart
let us dream forever
now and always
and let this be real
:iconmoratain:MoraTain 7 17
Just a spoonful of sugar
There is a pill
I'm swallowing
It goes down,
just like a rock
They say this pill
I'm swallowing
Can make all the pain stop
There is a pill
I'm taking
Though it's hard to do
Because I could taste the sugar
Long before they knew
The pain doesn't stop
The tears don't dry
My trust in them
Has broken and died
With sugar on my tongue
:iconfallenkitten21:FallenKitten21 1 1
His voice sings through the hurt.
Pulling at my heartstrings,
he makes me cry and he makes me smile.
His touch - so electrifying - pulses through me
and filling me with s t a t i c ...
Alas, our love could never be...
The sound of my alarm clock is proof enough.
:icondreamamongstars:DreamAmongStars 18 19
Messes With Me
Each lie you tell,
Messes me up a little bit more.
:iconwriterandpoet:WRITERandPOET 14 17



I'm not a poet, or a writer, or a singer. I can't write a thousand words to describe these feelings inside me. I can't break your heart with beauty, or win your love with eloquence. I'm not tall and graceful, in fact I think I literally fell for you. I'm not good at anything special, I just bumble and stumble my way through life and hope it works out. I don't know a lot about the world, and I don't know a lot about love. I get confused a lot and I get distracted even more. I don't really know what I want to do with my life, or who I even am. I just know that I'm a better person when I'm with you, and I don't want to waste another second of my life without you.

I say it all the time, and yet it's still not enough: I love you :)


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Horses lend us the wings we lack, and add the freedom to our souls that we need <3


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